Field3D Performance Test

December 26, 2013

in Visual Effects

A while back, I was interested in comparing the performance of Field3D with some other voxel storage libraries, most notably OpenVDB. Personally, I was interested in the memory- and performance implications of using different data structures, because when Field3D was first developed, our use of multiple data structures came from the assumption that different uses and applications require different data structures for optimal performance. Thus, it was of interest to us to see what each data structure’s performance was under a range of different tasks, so that we could make educated decisions about when to use each one.

The result of this is a suite of tests located at the GitHub/Field3D repo.

The test code was initially written by me, but as the various tests took shape, I implemented the Field3D parts, and people from the VDB team implemented the VDB parts.

Hopefully, the tests can be used as a basis for determining which data structure is more suitable for a range of different contexts: dense data, sparse data, narrow band levelsets, coherent lookups, incoherent lookups, memory overhead, etc., etc.

A summary of the test results is available in PDF form here:

Field3D performance tests

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