Fluid Simulation For Visual Effects

March 20, 2010


Fluid Simulation For Visual Effects

My master’s thesis from 2003. Based on the fluid simulation work I did at Digital Domain for The Day After Tomorrow.


This thesis describes a system for dealing with free surface fluid simulations, and the components needed in order to construct such a system. It builds upon recent research, but in a computer graphics context the amount of available literature is limited and difficult to implement. Because of this, the text aims at providing a solid foundation of the mathematics needed, at explaining in greater detail the steps needed to solve the problem, and lastly at improving some aspects of the animation process as it has been described in earlier works.
The aim of the system itself is to provide visually plausible renditions of animated fluids in three dimensions in a manner that allows it to be usable in a visual effects production context.
The novel features described include a generalized interaction layer providing greater control to artists, a new way of dealing with moving objects that interact with the fluid and a method for adding source and drain capabilities.

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